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The Contractor to Trust

Company Overview 

509 Excavation is a family company serving Spokane and other areas in Washington. The founder, Adam Haines, decided to start a construction business Horizontal Construction and Landscaping or HCL in short, when he retired from the Air Force in 2017 after 14 years of service.  In May of 2019 Adam decided to add an extension to HCL and started 509 Excavation for just excavating needs around the Spokane area. Adam is a dedicated problem solver, always coming up with solutions for the hurdles that come his way.


Adam Haines started his first company Horizontal Construction and Landscaping in 2017 after retiring from the Air Force, Civil Engineering Squadron as a Pavement and Heavy Equipment Operator.  His passion for construction continues as a retired veteran.  Horizontal Construction and Landscaping is a small, but successful business in fencing, concrete, decking and landscaping.  Though this was an area that was keeping Adam interested in the construction field it wasn't his full passion.  While HCL in short of Horizontal Construction and Landscaping was starting to get regular business around the Spokane area.  In 2019 Adam came a across an excavation construction company that would fill in the missing link that would truly make his passion a reality.   This company did site developing, such as utility taps(water, sewer, gas, and electric) with the city assistance, utility repairs, excavating foundations, septic systems, driveway repair/installs and much more.  This was the missing link he was looking for. With this knowledge 509 Excavation was started in May of 2019.  Yes a new business, but with over 20 years of experience of excavation and landscaping experience.

Mission Statement 

Our goal is to be your go-to contractor by consistently providing the results you deserve.

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