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509 Excavation is an out of the box thinking excavation company when it comes to idea's.  Its what makes us a top tier excavation company.


When a project starts our goal is always leave your property better than how we found it.  509 Excavation strives for excellence for all of our projects no matter the size. 


Our goal is to find a budget with the customer and get it done right the first time with a top notch product that you, as the customer can appreciate and enjoy at a affordable price. 


509 Excavation offers financing options through various banks to make your dreams possible.

Services Offered

Always dedicated and devoted to the project.

Developing your land

Your dream home has to start somewhere.  509 Excavation can help with that.  Your first step to getting your dream home is developing your property so your can prevent unforeseeable issues such as poor drainage or not setting your house on stable ground. 509 Excavation will clear the land and fix the drainage issues to put you at ease knowing your home will last for generations

Foundation Excavation

The next step is a more precise location of where you want your dream home to be place. After a site plan has been laid out 509 Excavation can start on the excavation process.   We Offer a variety of excavation options to include digging full basements, crawlspaces, or slab on grade.  Whether the site is just gravel or if the site has basalt, or granite we here at 509 Excavation is up for the challenge.   

Service Lines

Septic Systems

The next step in the process is getting your service lines install.  509 Excavation expertise can help you with this.  Starting with your septic system.  We work hand and hand with local engineering firms that can design a system for your house and 509 Excavation can install at an affordable price.

Water Lines

From your drinking water to flushing your toilet 509 Excavation can deliver on this project.  We can install lines from 3/4" to 2" to your property from either city water or your own personal well on your property. 

Power Lines

Working with either Avista or Inland Power our professional staff works hand and hand with our local utility company's to dig the ditch, while they lay the line down to supply your house with power.

Service Lines To The City or County

At 509 Excavation we can also connect water, sewer, gas, electric to the city or county service lines.  We coordinate with either the city, county or both when this type of connection is made.   


509 Excavation can give you access to your land by building a long lasting driveway.

Other Projects 

Here at 509 Excavation we have many other services we offer around your home.  This is what makes our 509 Excavation so versatile. 

Other Services Offered

  • Concrete Prep work for driveways, sidewalks, and patios
  • Pool Excavation
  • We can lay down Radon Rock
  • Fencing of all types to include fence repair
  • Install Culverts
  • Set Polls for a dish satellite
  • Install rain leads for a underground drainage system from your house gutters system
  • Drainage system on your property
  • Sealing foundations
  • Foundation drainage system (perforated piping around foundation)
  • Small Concrete Pads
  • Waterline and Sewer Repair
  • Much, Much More, give us a call for a free estimate or advice.

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